Frequently Asked Questions

Our Operating Hours Are As Follows:
Mondays - Fridays: 1pm - 10pm
Saturdays: 2pm - 6pm
Sundays And Public Holidays: Closed

We Are Located At 45 Ubi Crescent Singapore 408590

AIM System Pte Ltd Is Legally Registered In Singapore

Email: [email protected] Hotline: +65 64971 7998 Live Chat: AIM App.

Our Friendly Live Chat Support Team's Operating Hours As Follow:
Monday - Friday: 1pm - 10pm
Saturday: 2pm - 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Booking Flow/Guide

Step 2: Request For Booking Services And Provide The Following Information:

1.Preferred Booking Venue And Duration.
2.Preferred Date And Time Slot (up To 1.

Minimum Headcount Requirement
In Order To Successfully Book A Room, There Is A Minimum Headcount Requirement For Each Venue As Show Below:

Meeting Room 1- 5 To 10 Prospects
Meeting Room 2 - 10 To 30 Prospects
Meeting Room 3 - 30 To 60 Paxs

• All Bookings Are Subjected To Availability And Only Through Counter Booking
• Do Notify The Customer Service If You Wish To Cancel Your Booking
• All Cancellation Are To Be Done At Least 1 Day Before Booking Dates, Failure To Do So Will Result In Penalty (refer To The Card System At The Bottom)

Available Booking Timings

Monday To Friday: 1pm – 10pm
Saturday: 2pm – 6pm

Houserules (do’s And Donts)
Don’t Destroy Anything.
Don’t Abuse The Space.
Don’t Consume Any Food Or Drinks.
Don’t Take In Any Additional Chairs Or Tables.
Don’t Book Multiple Rooms At The Same Time Slot
Do Inform The Staff If You Wish To Cancel Your Booking<br>Do Fill In The Checklist Provided Before Using The Premise.
Do Keep To Your Booking Timing As No Extension Will Be Granted.
Do Be Considerate To The Next User And Clear Out By The End Of Your Timeslot Promptly.
Do Arrange All Equipment/chairs Back To Its Original Position Before Leaving.

* Failure To Comply With Houserules Will Result In Penalty Base On The Card System
Yellow And Red Card System

Failure To Abide By One House Rule Will Result In A “YELLOW CARD”.

Failure To Abide By Two House Rules Will Result In Two “YELLOW CARDS” Which Constitutes To One “RED CARD”.

Once A “RED CARD” Has Been Issued, The Respective Person Is Temporarily Banned From Making Future Bookings For One Month.

Card Status Will Be Refreshed On A Monthly Basis.